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Panel of Lecturers

Programming (JAVA for Developers, C, C++, PHP, .net, Python and ASP)

Mr. G. Ramanan
23 years

Lecturer in Web Design & Development

Mr. N. Selvakumar
B.Sc. Computer Science
21 years experience

English - Spoken & Practical English IELTS / PTE

Mr. M. Vishvanathan
Mrs. Sharon Sivanathan
BA English

Lecturer in Network and Hardware, Web Design & Development

Mr. S. Thiloshan
4 years experience

Lecturer in Advanced Diploma in Multimedia & Advanced Diploma in New media Design

Mr. M. Imtiaz Basheer
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia (Adobe première, adobe after effects, Combustion)
10 years Experience

Maths Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Mr.. Rajendra Master
Edexcel. Cambridge, National
50 years

Lecturer in IT & Applications and Multimedia

Mr. Vaiyathi Sinnarajah
Software Engineering
10 years experience

Science G.C.E (O/L), Science for Technology (G.C.E A/L)

Mr. P. Premkumar
NDIT Science special, Bsc (OUSL), PGDE (OUSL)
G.C.E (A/L), SFT Exam paper marking examiner,
C / Hindu College, Colombo
09 years

Graphics Designing

Mr.. Srikanth
Graphics Designing
15 years