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Panel of Lectures

Lecturer in IT & Programming

Mr. T. Tharneetharan
BS.c, Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Information Technology
10 years Experience
Email: tharaneetharan@lifetimencl.com

Miss. Shivanipradeepa Ramajein
5 years Experience
Bachelor of Information Technology
Email: shivanipradeepa@lifetimencl.com

Mr. M. H. M. Hafniyas
BSc (Hons) in Computing
3 years Experience
Email: hafniyas@lifetimencl.com

Ms. Keerthana
Bachelor of Computer Applications
4 years Experience
Email:  keerthana@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Web Design & Development

Mr. N. Selvakumar
B.Sc. Computer Science,
21 years Experience
Email: anselva@yahoo.com

Lecturer in Information Technology

Mrs. Murugaramya
B.Sc. (Hons) Information Technology
4 years Experience.
Email: murugaramya@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Diploma in Computerized Accounting.

Mr. K. Varathakumar
BS.c (Physics Applied Maths & Pure Maths )
8 years experience
Email: varathakumar@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Diploma in Multimedia & Diploma in New Media Design

Mr. V.Senthuran
Advanced Diploma in multimedia, Diploma in New media,
Diploma in 3D modeling & Animation (Maya),
Diploma in Multimedia (C.B.T) Development),
Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering with Networking,
Diploma in Network Administration.
4 years Experience
Email: senthu@lifetimencl.com

Mr. V. Pranavan
3DMax Modeler and Animator             
Unreal Engine programmer
3D Game Developer
Video Editor • UI Engineer
Flash developer • C# Developer• Video presenter
4 years Experience
Email: pranavanlanka@gmail.com

Mr. S. Thiloshan
Web Designing, Web Development
Hardware and Networking
4 years Experience
Email: thiloshan@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Advanced Diploma in Multimedia & Advanced Diploma in New media Design

Mr. M.Imtiaz Basheer
10 years Experience
Email: imtiaz@lifetimencl.com
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia (Adobe première, adobe after effects, Combustion)

Lecturer Graphics Design (Intermediate)

Mr. A. Sathyendran
SAT I, Bachelor of Arts (with Honors) in Filmography
4 years Experience
Email: sathyendren@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Diploma in Multimedia

Mr. D. K. Ilanthirayan
Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
7 years Experience
Email: ilanthirayan@lifetimencl.com

Course Coordinator & Senior Lecturer

Mr. Manimaran Sundram
BS.c (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems
4 years Experience
Email: manimaran@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in New Media Development

Mr. M. Neelavannan
BSc(Hons) in Information Technology
4 years Experience
Email: neelavannan@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Multimedia (Web Design & Web Development)

Mr. Sivanandan Suseendran
Masters Degree programme in Information Technology
9 years Experience
Email:  Suseendran@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Programming, Information Technology & Analyst Programmer

Mr. K. Pradeepan
B.Sc, Computer Engineer
6 years Experience
Email: pradeepan@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Programming, Information Technology & Networking

Mr. S. Mayureshan
B.Sc (Hons) Information Technology (Middlesex University)
3 years Experience
Email:  Mayureshan@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in IT & Diploma in Multimedia

Vaiyathi Sinnarajah
Software Engineering
10 years Experience
Email: Vaiyathi @lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in AAT, IAB

Mr. V. Vivky
BAF (Cey), MAAT (S.L), PGDED (Col)
9 years Experience.
Email: vivky@lifetimencl.com

Lecturer in Advanced Diploma in Computerized Accounting, Management Accounting

Mr. G. Sritharan
B.B.A, SP. Trd. (Com)
5 years Experience.
Email: sritharan@lifetimencl.com

ESL – English Language Programme, Lecturer

Mr. P. Mahatheva
Special English Trained Teacher
30 years Experience
Email: mahatheva@lifetimencl.com

Mr. S. Maheswaran
Special English Trained Teacher
30 years Experience
Email: maheswaran@lifetimencl.com

Mr. Lazarus Gunanayagam
Special English Trained Teacher
Emiritus Principal – London
30 years Experience
Email: lazarus@lifetimencl.com