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Welcome to Nottingham College of London
Families, Careers, Dreams, Goals
Our world revolves around overlapping priorities and responsibilities. At NCL we focus on offering industry related current Diploma, and Advanced Diploma programmes that can help you achieve your personal, professional and academic objectives. Our start of the Art of Institution of higher learning is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment to motivated individual seeking new opportunists, fresh of thinking and real world approach to career focused education.
Our History:
Founded in 2003, NCL is fully accredited by the ministry of higher education and vocational training. NCL is proud of its alumni’s holding responsible position in various organizations.
Our Vision:
We NCL management highly committed  to offer superior academic programmes to our student in order to achieve that we are on a preliminary dialogue with several foreign Colleges and technical Institutes. Our effort is to give our students the globally recognized qualification fraction of cost, equivalent to foreign standard degrees.
Philosophy and Purpose:
NCL believes it has a special commitment to support each individual’s. To  this end the university places emphasis on educational, professional and personal growth of each student. Programmes, policies and activities which have been designed to important this philosophy and purpose statement, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the Institution.
Goals of the Institute:
In support of its philosophy and mission, NCL’s goals are as follows:
  • To enable the domestic students population to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • To guide students in adapting their knowledge, training and skills to the work place.
  • To fastest the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
  • To instill the important of ethical behavior, responsibility and professional standard.
  • To provide academic programmes, services facilities, and technologies that support team based learning and contribute to students intellectual development and personal growth.
  • To retain diverse faculty comprised of experienced, qualified educators with industry current expertise.
  • To coach and prepare students for job placement and career success, utilizing a network of professional and business contact.
Company’s counseling procedure: 
Welcome to Counselling and Advising
Educational Advising:
Today's educational opportunities are many complex. Selecting the right one can be difficult for students. Educational Advisors are available to provide and explain educational options and occupational information to students engaged in weighing career alternatives. Advisors are also available to guide students in selecting and planning effective programmes of studies for colleges and universities transfer and career training programmes through group course planning sessions and through individual appointments.
NCL's Professional counselors work with registered students in four major areas.
Career Services:
Counsellors offer a range of services that address both career choice and career management. We offer several different seminars as well as individual appointments. The counselling webpage offers online career resources and career-related documents to download.
Personal Counselling:
Counsellors help students with a wide range of personal issues that affect their academic performance and/or general well-being. This service is free and confidential.
Academic Counselling:
Counsellors help students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for academic success. We do this in two major areas: study skills topics (seminars, drop-ins and appointments) and policy-related concerns such as appeals and complaints.
Counselling and Advising Appointments:
Appointments are available Monday to Wednesday: To make an appointment or sign up for a seminar please phone or drop in to the Counselling and Advising Centre at NCL College.
An IT training namely NCL was established in July 2003 and providing IT training to several Sri Lankan students. Serving the Sri Lankan students to study abroad by arranging them the suitable universities for them. Till now several Sri Lankan students studying world over through my service.
Marketing Strategy:
Our marketing process includes recruiting students for our college to do IT programmes as we are premier providers of IT education in Sri Lanka. Apart from recruiting students for our college we also involve in the process of recruiting Sri Lankan students for several foreign universities that include Humber College Canada, Saint – Petersburg State university Russia , Novgorod State university Russia, Ryazan State I.P Pavlon Medical university, Nizhny Novgord State university.
We provide all the necessary information to Sri Lankan students seeking to study abroad by arranging Medical, insurance, and travel documents. And we guide them according to their academic grades, interms of selecting the universities.
We NCL act as educational consultant for Sri Lankan students with the prospect of studying abroad. Our service to Sri Lankan education industry has brought many rewards for several students indeed. Apart from marketing plan we tend to serve the domestic students by placing them in the suitable foreign university that would be effective for their future. Dealing with the students interms of selecting their career we do it with their full satisfaction to achieve the best in life.
The students studying worldwide is the vivid evidence for our service to them in arranging suitable universities and colleges. This tells the success about  our institution more focused on well being of the students send by us.
Nottingham College of London provides a learning environment where personal commitment to achievement and concern for others are paramount.  
Within this environment the school strives to help each student develop sound personal and social values, academic potential, a range of artistic, cultural, sporting and leisure interests and a preparation for life beyond the College. 
Nottingham College of London will strive to ensure that each student within the large and varied population of the school has the opportunity to gain fulfilment and develop a belief that education is of continuing importance. 
Promote the pursuit of excellence at Nottingham College of London, ensuring that every student is extended to reach his or her potential in both curricular and co-curricular areas, and, in doing so, preparing them to make a positive contribution to society.
Cater for the needs of students through wide but achievable curricular and co-curricular choices. Report on: 
  • Changes in number of subjects, i.e. range of subjects 
  • Number of co-curricular activities offered 
  • Participation rates in co-curricular activities by students and teachers 
  • Achievement levels, including changes in achievement levels
To enhance the provision of support and academic programmes for students
best teaching and learning practice. Report on: 
  • professional development programme 
  • impact of professional development programme on staff and teaching practice 
Oversight by Board of Trustees: 
  • Ensure that the process of ongoing review and monitoring is rigorously carried out. 
  • Employer Responsibilities Attract, retain, and develop suitable staff members.   Ensure that Nottingham College of London is an exemplary environment in which to work. Action/Annual Reporting 2006 •Budget adequate funds for professional development and ensure that it is spent wisely.  Report on: o Funds budgeted for Professional Development o Funds expensed on Professional Development at the November Board of Trustees meeting each year •Monitor staff turnover patterns and causes of turn-over Report on: o Staff turnover patterns and causes Develop a strategy for monitoring staff well-being.  Report on: o Strategies developed for monitoring staff well-being
Finances and Property Endeavour to acquire adequate funds and ensure they are managed to enable the school to meet all of its objectives.
Communication Technologies Ensure that the College has the resources required to enable all staff and students to display confidence in the use of appropriate technologies; to modernise and enhance the delivery of curriculum content, community communication, and student learning.